club history


Celebrating 56 Years of Service to the Valley View Community

The Valley View Ruritan Club was chartered on October 18, 1962.  Thirty-two men were

present that first night and all became members

Valley View Ruritan wasted no time in helping the Valley View School District and

community. One of its first projects was to pave the road from Highway 49 to Valley View

School.  With the paving of the road, other projects had to be done.  One such project was

tearing out the wooden bridge that crossed the L’Anguille River and replacing it with two

railroad tank cars.  This had to be done in order to have a smooth surface for the paving

process.  The project was completed and the Valley View Ruritan Club started a service

program that is well into its fifth decade.  The school, teachers, staff, and administration

expressed their appreciation to the club for their dedication in completing the paying

project.  The third-grade class presented the Ruritan Club with a scroll with all of the

student signatures expressing their appreciation for the project. 

In order to support its projects, the Ruritan Club has held many fundraisers.  Most

fundraisers involve the Valley View Community in order to promote community pride and

foster strong relations.  Past fundraisers have included donkey ball games, the Redhead

Basketball team, and turkey shoots.  For one of its most unusual events Archie Lamb, a

charter member furnished 50-60 raccoons and the club barbecued ‘coon for the

community.  Believe it, or not, this was a great success.  We have had booths at the

Craighead County Fair, served meals at many Valley View Athletic and Honors Banquets

over the years and done just about anything in between to raise funds for programs to

serve our community!

There are hills and valleys in life and the Valley View Ruritan Club has experienced both.  In

1968 a tornado passed through the community leaving death and destruction in its

path.  One family that was a vital part of the community was killed.  Archie Wimpy, his wife,

and two children were in the eye of the storm with no chance for escape.   The Valley View

Ruritan Club started a scholarship in their memory.  Another scholarship was added in 1982

when club member Terry Lawman was killed in a farming accident.  Both scholarships are

awarded each year to deserving Valley View graduates to help them defray some of the

costs of higher educations.

Many projects have been accomplished over the years because of the relationship the club

has with its members, the community, and the local school.  Our annual Christmas basket

project brings all three groups together to provide food baskets for those in the community

who need assistance during the Holiday Season.   With the community’s support, the club

distributes 40-50 baskets valued at approximately $250 each to families whose names are

submitted by the school and community. 

Valley View School expressed to the club a need for a walking/running track on

campus.  The track was to provide a walking surface for the community.  It was also to be

sanctioned for track meets and school activities.  The Valley View Ruritan club borrowed

$15,000 to fund the initial construction of the track while club members donated time,

materials, and expertise to make the track possible.   Although the final cost exceeded

$35,000, the track was completed and the debt paid in full with the help and funding from

the various school and community clubs. 

Involvement in school and community has always been the main objective of the Valley

View Ruritan Club.  Our goal is to provide needed services to the community while

promoting our club, our community, and our school.    The Valley View School and

personnel have always been a vital part of the Ruritan Club.   The Club expresses its deep

appreciation to the school for such a positive relationship.  We also express our joy and

appreciation to the Valley View School Board for recognizing the importance of our club by

presenting it with a plaque for the contributions we have made to the community over the

years.  We also wish to thank the community for the support you so readily give us. 

Valley View Ruritan Club is part of a national organization created to promote community

service, fellowship, and goodwill in the local communities in which it exists.  We invite you

to join us and be a part of this vibrant organization.

We are currently meeting at the First Community Bank Building on Southwest Drive on the

3 rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm.